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Setup Instructions for CS540 Headset for 9630/9608 Phones


  1. Plug the control cord into the headset port on the bottom of the 9600 series phone.
    Control Cord9600 base
  2. Plug the other end of the control cord into the base of the CS540.
    CS540 cordbase circle
  3. (Optional step for ring detection functionality) Plug the ring detector into the headphone jack on the control cord itself.
  4. (Optional step for ring detection functionality) Remove the protective cover from the ring detector and stick it to the speaker under the handset on the phone. It is not permenant and can be removed.
  5. Plug the power cable into the base of the headset dock and plug the power adapter into wall. NOTE: The headset will need at least 20 minutes of charge before you can test on- or off-hook. Please allow the unit to charge over-night before the first real day of use.

base with circlearrowbase with 2 cords



Troubleshooting: (Re-subscribe)

Headset in your hands: Press and hold the subscription button on the base for 3 seconds. The "power-on/subscription" light will flash white. Press and hold the volume up button on the headset for three seconds or until the headset LED turns solid white. When the "power-on/subscription" light on the base goes solid white, then the headset and base are subscribed to each other.

headset uses

To answer a call or get dial tone press the call button once, the indicator light will flash when the headset is active.

To disconnect press the call button a second time.

To adjust the volume push the volume/mute button on the headset up to increase the volume and down to decrease it.

To mute the headset push the volume/mute button in, there will be 3 rapid beeps indicating the headset is muted.